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Michigan’s New Clean Slate Law Has Caused Court Delays

We previously reported on the newly implemented Clean Slate Law in Michigan, which states that criminal records will be automatically expunged if specific conditions are met without the necessity of filing an application.

Michigan Clean Slate Law Overview

The Michigan State Police is responsible for reporting eligible records to state courts, where expungements are processed. To do so, it has initiated a process that looks at records in its database for new, eligible convictions. However, individuals with records that are not eligible for automatic expungement can still apply for expungement under the traditional process. Below is a summary of recent events:

  • The Michigan Clean Slate Law was enacted in 2021 and is now in full effect. The process for qualified automatic expungements in Michigan commenced statewide on April 11, 2023.
  • Some Michigan counties started the expungement process early in 2023, while others began in April.
  • Most processing delays in Michigan court jurisdictions are resolved. 

To read more about the expungement process, records likely eligible for automatic expungement, and recent expungement laws in other states. Click here ››

Court System Delays 

New automatic expungements under the Michigan Clean Slate Act are being processed daily. Due to the influx and increase in expungement requests, delays in background screening processes continue.

As of April 2024, limited record availability continues to impact searches in Kent and Ottawa counties, due to the Clean Slate Act. To avoid extended delays, the courts are processing requests with a 6-year search scope.

Michigan’s Clean Slate Act impacts records in the Michigan State Police database. However, out-of-state employers may still be affected if they seek records from the State of Michigan. Additionally, these laws are becoming more common across the United States. Verified Credentials continues to monitor the status of jurisdictions across Michigan and is committed to providing our clients with updates as they are available. Employers looking for more information on how this could affect them may want to consult their attorney.

Federal Trade Commission Issues Final Rule on Noncompetes

On April 23, 2024, by a 3 to 2 vote, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a final rule to “promote competition by banning noncompetes...

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LA County’s 2024 Fair Chance Ordinance for Employers

Los Angeles County has introduced a new Fair Chance Ordinance for employers, effective September 3, 2024. Previously, we tracked other Fair Chance...

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Florida’s Healthcare Background Check Expansion Law Under Review

Florida is set to implement new legislation that significantly expands the scope of background screening for healthcare workers. Currently, only...

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Grand Rapids, MI Enacts “Ban the Box”- Style Restrictions

We have previously reported on multiple recently enacted Ban the Box laws, both at the state and municipal levels. As you may know, Ban the Box laws...

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Changes to Minnesota’s Drug Testing Scheme

Following the lead of some other state employer restrictions we have previously discussed, such as California’s AB-2188 and D.C.’s Cannabis...

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Small but Mighty: Rhode Island’s Credit Check Laws

Rhode Island may be the smallest state, but some of its state laws align with some of the nation’s biggest. States like California restrict the use...

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